"Toolcraft Machining is one of the most proficient machine shops we work with in Southern Wisconsin, high quality and easy to work with. The service at Toolcraft is outstanding, I couldn’t ask for better quality. Great communication and always able to solve any problem that arises."

James Woznicki, Engineer Metaltek International

"Toolcraft Machining has consistently met our wide variety of needs, has excellent on-time delivery, quality and people to work with. I personally, and ATI as a whole, do highly recommend using Toolcraft for any services they offer."

Adam McCormack, Die Room Programmer ATI Forged Products

"Toolcraft Machining has been an invaluable supplier to Scot Forge over my 6 years of working with them. They're very open and transparent with any issues they run into on any job they perform for us. Out of the 30+ suppliers that we deal with annually, Toolcraft is 1 of 5 suppliers we consider a partner and have very solid relationship with."

Rob Pratt, Buyer - Outside Services Scot Forge Company